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Version: 5.2.0


Here are the main Workflow Server settings as seen in the config.json file:

"url": "http://*:8077/" – URL which Workflow Server can be accessed.

"PathBase": "/" - it is possible to set a path prefix for the application. It means to deploy Workflow Server under a sub-path of a domain. When using multiserver environment it might be set as: "/admin/" or "/forms/".

"BackendFolder": "../backend" – path, where Workflow Server’s web interface files are located.

"FrontendFolder": "../frontend" - directory where are located business application logic files.

"FrontendUrl": "http://*:8078" - path where can be opened frontend application.

"DefaultFrontendPort": "8078" - the defined port to frontend.

"AuthorityUrl": "http://domain:your_chosen_port/ - it might be set when implementing multiserver options or using IIS.

"NoStartWorkflow": false – if true, then WorkflowRuntime will not be launched.

"DisableTimeManager": false – if true, then WorkflowRuntime will be launched without TimerManager and you will not be able to use timers in your processes.

"DisableInbox": false – if true, then Inbox will not be populated automatically.

"DisableStats": false – if true, then statistics will not be populated and will not be available in reports.

"DeveloperMode": false - it is used to enable the developer mode.

"IsMultiServer": false - it can be enabled for allowing Workflow Server to operate in a distributed environment (server infrastructure that uses multiple servers to provide users with access to the application). It should be specified also when Workflow Server is deployed in IIS.

"ServerType": "All" - When using IIS should be set to Admin or Forms value.

"CallBackCacheTimeout": 300000 – time during which the names of Actions, Conditions and Rules, defined in CallbackServer, are cached; upon expiration the names will be requested again.

"BlockMetadataChanges": false – if true, then editing server settings through admin panel will be disabled.

"CertificateFile": "WFS.pfx" – for HTTPS, path to the pfx certificate.

"CertificatePassword": "password" - for HTTPS, password for the pfx certificate.

"DebugMode": true – turns on debug mode for Workflow Server (only when Workflow Server is launched from the IDE).

"CreateMetadata": false - if the value is true, checks for the existence of schema objects in the database upon server launch and creates them if they do not exist.

"InitialScriptsFolder": "./InitialScripts" – path to SQL scripts used to create the database if CreateMetadata equals to true. The parameter is needed to support server's operation within a container; it is set automatically when a container is built.

"LicensePath": "../license" – path to a folder containing the license.key file.

"AlwaysShowOpenFormButton": false – always show the "Open form" button on the scheme page.

"AssertNullTenantId": false – if the value is true, then the tenantId parameter in the request to the WorkflowApi and the process instance TenantId must always be equal. An empty or whitespace TenantId is equal to null.

"GlobalCommandTimeout": 30 – sets a global timeout in seconds for executing commands to the persistence provider. 30 by default.

"DefaultLoggerConfig": {...} – used to set default logger parameters. The object structure looks as follows:

"DefaultLoggerConfig": {
// console logging levels:
"ConsoleTarget": ["Information", "Error"],
// File logging levels:
"FileTarget": ["Information", "Error"],
// File logging settings:
"FileSettings": {
"FileName": "/app/wfs/logs/log.txt",
"RollingInterval": "Day",
"RetainedFileCountLimit": 30
// Event Log logging levels
"ExternalEventLoggerConfig": {
"ConsoleTarget": [ "Debug", "Information", "Error" ]

The following settings govern MS SQL connection:

"Provider": "mssql",
"ConnectionString": "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=WorkflowServer;Integrated Security=False;User ID=sa;Password=1;TrustServerCertificate=True;"

The following settings govern PostgreSQL connection:

"Provider": "postgresql",
"ConnectionString": "User ID=postgres;Password=q12345678;Host=localhost;Port=5432;Database=wfs;"

The following settings govern Oracle connection:

"Provider": "oracle",

The following settings govern MySql connection:

"Provider": "mysql",
"ConnectionString": "server=;uid=root;pwd=12345678;database=wfs"

The following settings govern MongoDB or Cosmos DB connection:

"Provider": "mongodb",
"ConnectionString": "mongodb://localhost:27017/wfs"